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What’s Going On?

Mormonverse has been silent for the last  few months and I wanted to tell you why. It has been a roller-coaster of a ride. Many of you have messaged me and given  your support. You have poured out your hearts, sharing  what you have been feeling and I’m glad to see there is a community of concerned, critical thinking Mormons. I am not implying that the unquestioning faithful of the church are not critical thinking. I am simply saying that my hesitation in posting my original post, D&C 132: A Revelation of Men, Not God was not unfounded. As it seems that asking difficult questions and coming to difficult conclusions can land you in trouble with church leadership. After posting my FIRST blog post ever. I was contacted by my Bishop, who stated that the Stake President was concerned with my blog. I was met with an ultimatum that I take the blog down in one week or the Stake President would consider taking action, which may have included excommunication. After much intense thought and prayer, I decided to keep the post up. We met with Stake President who said he was originally contacted by Salt Lake.  We also met with an Area Seventy, which kicked off months of conversations with the threat of disciplinary action hanging over my head. For more details surrounding this story check out these links below.

Troubling the Church by Repudiating Polygamy: Kirk and Lindsay Van Allen

Kirk and Lindsay Van Allen – Facing Church Discipline for Rejecting Polygamy (D&C 132)

I have to admit I was very tempted to remove my blog post, I knew what I had written was tough to swallow for many members. D&C 132 is full of inconsistencies, sexism, oppression, and worst of all it is considered scripture. I have come to realize that many people are suffering to reconcile their faith with D&C 132. Some people have left Mormonism to become more orthodox and practice polygamy. Others turn the other way and exit Mormonism, being unable to reconcile D&C 132 with the God they worship. Other members have chosen to believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet who did not practice polygamy, believing that Brigham Young and the rest of the church’s prophets have fallen short. While other members remain faithful to LDS church majority and conclude that there is no conclusion, that we can not know the answers to our questions until the next life.

I refuse to believe that the answers are not available. I do not believe that the God of the Restoration would shut the windows of heaven, and refuse to answer some of the most pressing questions of his saints. That is why I have left the blog standing. We need answers! I do not have some unique blog or groundbreaking thoughts. I am just another voice of concern in the growing tsunami of questions. I’m adding my voice to the thousands if not tens of thousands questioning the policies and practices of our beloved faith.  My blog is not a voice of hatred. It is a serious look at the history and the potential of the Church.

More from Mormonverse is coming……